Big Trouble in DnD China

Episode 1

To China!

This weekend we had Scott join us from North Carolina via Skype. It went smoothly so we’ll continue to run with it. Scott joined the party as Searos the elven rogue.

I’ll go over the “important stuff” first then get to the story elements.

So the “important stuff” is first.

Phil, Cody, Hui, Scott and Courtney each gained 2,670 exp last session. This will put Hui and Scott at lvl 5. Try to have your characters leveled up for next session.

The lightning scepter found on the Kua-Toa priestess works as follows:

Simple Weapon (no proficiency required to use)
Counts as a magical weapon for overcoming resistances
1d6 damage
Bonus Effect: On a melee hit the scepter deals an additional 2d6 lightning damage to the target. The scepter can do this 3 times a day. After the third time it hits it will cease doing lightning damage until the next sunrise.

We’re retconning the Jiangshi transformations just a little. Stage 1 Jiangshi still have white fur. Stage 2 Jiangshi now have black fur. Stage 3 Jiangshi lose their fur and have black skin. This should help to identify the Stage 2 Jiangshi from the Stage 3 “jumping” Jiangshi more easily.

Ok now for what the party did story-wise:

Everyone got on a boat at the harbor of the city of Neverwinter. You all met Captain Jack, Cookie (who people assumed was the cook) and the rest of the no name red-shirt crew of the vessel Skylark.

On board the Skylark were two other passengers heading to China. Searos the elf(played by Scott) and Nina Glimmerdeep a young gnome woman who identified herself as a “Tinkermancer”. She said she makes clockwork devices mixed with arcane magic. The other gnomes in her college were none too impressed with her so she decided to set out on her own and explore the world.

The voyage was two weeks long. During the time Kai and Captain China attempted to teach Balrog, Audrey and Searos how to speak Chinese. The dice determined that Balrog and Audrey knew enough Chinese to hold a conversation and sound like young children and Searos learned enough Chinese to sound like someone with a learning disability.

The Skylark was attacked by a Sahuagin raiding party one week out near a mysterious island full of dozens of shipwrecked vessels of all sizes.The Sahuagin raid was thwarted but the leader, a Sahuagin Baron, escaped along with two of his men.

China is divided into 3 kingdoms. The White Lotus Kingdom, The Red Tiger Kingdom and The Kingdom of the Sun. Captain China, Kai and Gae are from The Red Tiger Kingdom.

The Skylark was approached by a customs vessel of the harbor patrol as it approached Jīhuì harbor. This is the capital city of the White Lotus Kingdom.The captain of the vessel was a human named Jean-Claude VanDamme. He was amicable, performed a routine inspection of the ship and hit on the female party members.

When the party stopped in port they found an inn and agreed to stay the night and set out in the morning. The inn patrons told them that a plague was taking its toll on the population and the government officials were keeping the extent of it quiet. In the early morning (around 2-3am) the party was awoken by the sounds of rioting in the streets. The city had been quarantined by the government and they were unable to exit.

The party rushed to the harbor to try and find the Skylark. They saw a mass of people gathered at the harbor as well as the city military. Anyone diving into the harbor to attempt to escape was being shot by longbows. The Skylark was seen drifting away from the harbor. Captain Jack was bloodied and lying on the deck next to a sobbing Nina. Cookie and the crew of the Skylark were engaged in combat with panicked citizens who boarded the ship as it tried to flee.

As the party set to return to the inn Searos was approached by a shady individual named Genesis Drake. He told Searos that he could manage for the party to leave the city but they would need to do as he said and pay a fee so Genesis could bribe the appropriate guards.

They agreed and met Genesis’ contact at the harbor near the city clinic. A middle aged goblin named Gobag greeted them and offered to take them out of town on his “boat”. Gobag ferries the dead bodies from the plague out of town on his small raft. The party got on board the raft, hid under the tarp and pretended to be dead.

They made it safely out of town and were deposited at the cemetery near a large open grave where the plague bodies were being tossed. Gobag made a comment that some bodies were missing and upon investigating the party noticed that things were being drug out of the pit and towards one of the mausoleums.

The party setup a trap, defeated the Kua-Toa and Jiangshi stealing bodies and followed their tracks back to a large underground crypt. Inside they found frightened souls, crypt guardians and an undead Bone Naga with Kua-Toa leadership creating Jiangshi in bulk. The party defeated the Bone Naga and the Kua-Toa through teamwork and finished off the remaining Jiangshi. They were able to save 2 of the 8 captured townspeople who said they came from a nearby village.

That’s where we’ll pickup next session, slated for the 23rd


DM_Ken DM_Ken

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