Big Trouble in DnD China

Episode 2

Kua-Toa Nursery

The party returned to the village near the cemetery to discover it under attack by Jiangshi.

The Jiangshi were in the presence of another bone-naga. During the encounter they met a Taoist monk with a strange type of magic and a monkey as a pet.

The monk and the party proceeded back to the cemetery crypt to investigate further and were told they could seek the assistance of the cemetery guardian the Caleb-Dur (Bob) should they have need of him.

A trail was found leading away from the cemetery and into the nearby woods. Upon investigation the party uncovered a cave being guarded by two Kua-Toa.

Upon entering the cave they stumbled across a Kua-Toa staging ground complete with what appeared to be hatcheries. A ritual was underway to open some type of portal but the party was able to disrupt it before it could be fully opened.

At the back of the nursery complex was a captured and beaten Guardian Naga named Bai Su Zhen. The party was able to free her and learned that her offspring were being killed and resurrected as the Bone-Naga they had been encountering. Due to her unconscious and weakened state she is unsure just how many Bone-Naga may have been created.

This is where the party will pickup when we meet next session.

Phil, Cody, Scott, Nick and Hui, Award yourselves 2,900 exp for completing this session.


DM_Ken DM_Ken

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