Big Trouble in DnD China

Episode 3


The party escorted Bai Su Zhen to the crypt with “Mr. Cheng” (Cheng Liu) and “Bob”. There she will regain her strength and try to remain out of sight.

The party left the crypt and made their way to Meigui Gu (Valley Rose), the hometown of Captain China and Kai Lee. The party learned Captain China’s real name is Bruce. Upon arriving Captain China was knocked unconscious by his mother and later, at a dinner feast, knocked unconscious by his father. Details are sketchy but they do seem relieved to have him home.

After the feast Captain China had an attempt made on his life by an invisible stalker in his bedroom. Searos was able to contact the underground thieves guild and learn that it appears the Black Hand has a contract placed on Captain China for his life.

Captain China and Kai’s father has come down with the plague and is currently confined to his bed chambers.

The party sought out the monks of Gae’s monastery for more answers about what was going on in China. Along the way they passed into the sacred grove of Inari. There they met Zhenxiang and Kikku. Kai learned that she had a fox for a mother, the sister of zhenxiang. Kikku informed the party that a strange structure had appeared in the grove. Upon investigation the party discovered it was a facility for creating bone-naga. They destroyed the facility and learned that the demi-god Inari was missing and had not been in contact with the foxes of the grove for quite some time.

The party left the grove with Kikku joining the party. They arrived at the Lianhua Si monastery and met the childhood rival of Gae Ju Nu Pem and his teacher Pen Mai San. The party learned Gae’s real name is Kim. The party stayed the night at the monastery and early the next morning learned that a force of Jiangshi and Kua-Toa were marching towards the gates. The party fought alongside the monastery monks and were able to repel the attackers.

A Ba made its appearance at the end of the battle and the master engaged it in melee combat. Despite warnings from the master, Kim and Ju attacked the Ba and sustained significant injuries from its necrotic aura. The Ba was defeated and the skies over the monastery began to clear. This is where we will pickup the next session.

*Balrog, Adria, Searos, Kai, Kim and Captain China all earned 3,000exp for this session

Kai, Kim and Captain China earned an additional 400exp for the encounter with the Invisible Stalker.*


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