Léi shēng

The Thunder Chief


Mid 50’s
Lightning Greataxe


The Thunder Chief rules over a small portion of mountainous land in the Kingdom of the Sun. He has proclaimed himself the ruler of this mountain ‘kingdom’ but his claim is not recognized outside of his small region.

He runs a band of warriors who carry the name “The Thirty Thieves” although their actual numbers are much larger. The original band of mercenaries that Léi shēng’s ancestor was the leader of consisted of 30 men and woman. After a successful campaign for the Kingdom of the Sun his ancestor decided to carve out his own kingdom in the mountains. The kingdom of the Sun has largely ignored these remote warriors and they are content to wage small skirmishes and wars with other tribal groups in the surrounding areas. They rarely infringe on the civilized valley population far to the south.

He’s a fair man but harsh. Strength is the currency in his kingdom and only the strong can hope to achieve any level of influence or power among his ranks.

He wields a magical greataxe with lightning properties of unknown origin.

Yasuo and he have some past connection and he agreed to lend Yasuo and the party assistance in the rescue of Inari.


Léi shēng

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