Big Trouble in DnD China

Episode 4

"It's mah boat."

The revelation of the undead threat has caused the militant order of monks to accept the rest of the party’s story about the strange happenings throughout China. As the dust settled after the encounter with the Ba other delegates from the various factions of China arrived at the monastery.

Long Fong arrived with two pupils from the Taoist order of monks. Truth arrived from the Inari grove foxes. Long Fong greeted the wise masters of the militant order and expressed concern over the current situation. China is far from unified and the monks are the only group that they know of which has encountered the forces of the Kua-Toa and survived. The kingdoms need to be warned.

Truth expressed continued concern over the disappearance of Inari. She said the foxes will help the resistance against the Kua-Toa but they would like to regain contact with Inari to get guidance on how to proceed.

A new darkness was gathering far in the distance towards the lands of the Kingdom of the Sun. Master Pen suggested the party seek out other individuals that could help them stem the tide against this new threat. The Ba are too powerful for the average person to hope to overcome. She was barely able to survive the encounter with the one at the monastery gates. She told the party they should seek out a man named Yasuo who she feels may be able to do battle with a Ba. He’s the only person she has ever known that she respected as an equal.

The party traveled to find Yasuo in the Kingdom of the Sun. Upon reaching his hilltop village they found him and his students defending themselves against a horde of white and black Jiangshi. The Jiangshi were supported by a mysterious human female with a large scythe.

The party engaged the Jiangshi and the woman but she escaped through some method they were unable to see. The woman demonstrated the power to resurrect fallen Jiangshi.

Yasuo agreed to aid the party and decided the best course of action would be to attack the darkness in the mountains before it could make the first move against them. The party recommended they avoid a direct confrontation at this time and described the Ba’s power. Yasuo insisted he would take his men and go alone if the party was unwilling to go now.

After some pleading Yasuo agreed to call in a favor and enlist the help of The Thunder Chief . Yasuo approached the domain of The Thunder Chief and convinced him to assist them in attacking the darkness.

The Thunder Chief, his 10 best men, Yasuo, Diagoro and Ogami proceeded with the party into the mountains. They came upon the ceremony which was leeching some type of essence from Inari into a dormant Ba. The party devised a plan to rescue Inari and defeat the Jiangshi at the ceremony site.

They did not count on the mysterious woman with the scythe being at the ceremony. The woman was defeated and slain by The Thunder Chief. She cried opened a portal with her scythe and cried out the word “Hadar!” into it before being slain. A few moments later a monstrous worm-like entity descended out of the portal, almost crushing the Thunder Chief. The worm also showed the ability to resurrect Jiangshi.

The group defeated the Jiangshi and the monstrous worm only to have the Ba awaken. Yasuo prepared himself for a powerful strike against the Ba. His attack was impressive but it proved insufficient to destroy the Ba.

The Ba ‘fox blinked’ on top of Yasuo, destroyed his sword, and roared at him and Ogami. The roar knocked Yasuo off the alter and onto the ground. Ogami died instantly.

As things seemed hopeless a voice called out to Adria from somewhere. She heard Jim telling her to ‘look up’. Unnoticed in the dark sky and chaos, a floating ship was descending on the party. On the deck of this ship was Nina and Captain Jack. Nina tossed a metallic sphere at Adria’s feet and told her to “throw the bomb”.

Adria rolled a natural 20 and threw the bomb directly in the mouth of the Ba’s fox aura. A moment later the bomb detonated and destroyed the altar and surrounding terrain. The party made it’s escape up ropes lowered by Nina and the crew from the airship.

Upon climbing on deck the party was greeted by Gobag. When queried about what was going on and how any of this was possible Gobag interjected that “It’s mah boat.” and we’ll pick up next session with this state of events.


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