Big Trouble in DnD China

Episode 5

"I see dead people."

In the weeks since Balrog, Kai and Adria departed in search of Yasuo the remaining party members trained at the monastery.

Kim prepared with the master for the annual martial arts tournament. She taught him to call upon his inner strength and provide his body with a burst of minor rejuvenation once per day.

Captain China was taught how to cast the “See Dead” cantrip from Master Long.

Searos furthered his contacts within the thieves guild and met the Black Hand defector, Ayami.

Balrog’s brother arrived in China. Word of Hadar’s minions operating in China reached the ears of his temple elders and they dispatched him to learn what he could.

Upon the re-uniting of the party, the decision was made to set out for the fighting tournament. Kim’s childhood rival,Ju, joined the party to compete in the tournament.

The party advanced through the initial stages of the tournament, only losing Balrog’s brother in round 1. The reigning chamption “The Oni” faced off against Ju and almost killed him if not for the interference of Kim.

Kim and Balrog faced each other in the semi-final with Kim emerging victorious. Kim and the party gathered together and pooled all of their inspiration to empower and motivate Kim in his final match. He faced “The Oni” in one on one combat. Kim emerged victorious after a vicious battle and was awarded a visitation with the Jade Emperor to request a favor.

Upon arriving he was greeted by a young woman named Xiannu. She explained she was the daughter of the Jade Emperor and that he was missing. She had been watching over the heavens in his absence but she was woefully underpowered to do so.

The party requested a way to reach the rabbit on the moon to seek a cure for the plague affecting the land. She agreed and transformed into a giant white dragon, her natural form. The party climbed on her back and traveled to the moon.

Once they reached their destination they entered the castle of Chang’e and the Jade Rabbit. The rabbit was convinced to provide a cure for the plague to the party despite the absence of the Jade Emperor.

Upon their return trip back to the tournament grounds the party was ambushed by Black Hand agents in the company of Captain China’s former teacher, Master Goku. After a fierce battle the master was forced to flee and the agents all slain. As we leave the party a badly sounded Xiannu is spiraling down towards the surface.


DM_Ken DM_Ken

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