Big Trouble in DnD China

Episode 6

The Gods Must Be Crazy

The party landed safely on the training grounds but the princess was gravely wounded. She reverted to her human form and took refuge inside the oracle chamber.

The combatants and tournament organizers gathered outside of the chamber and learned of the story regarding her current situation. Kim told those gathered that the princess was the actual Jade Emperor and that they would lock her inside the chamber to naturally heal since their healing magics had little effect on her.

Leaving the princess secure in the chamber, the party proceeded back to the Kingdom of the Thunder Chief to meet with his ‘alien’ blacksmith. The alien turned out to be an orphaned dwarf. With dwarves not being native to China he and the rest of the Thirty Thieves had no idea what he was.

The blacksmith agreed to assist the party in their quest to craft a sword capable of harnessing Yasuo’s inner light. The thieves guild network informed Searos that they had narrowed down the location of the necessary ore to a cavern in the White Lotus Kingom.

On the way to the White Lotus Kingdom the party stopped by the hometown of Captain China to deliver the cure for the plague and heal his parents. They arrived too late to save his father however.

Captain China and the party visited the mage tower of his teacher and Balrog and Djerik had an encounter with one of their deity. They learned that the celestials they worship are actually refugees from the realm of Hadar himself. They fled eons ago when he rose to power and defeated all who opposed him. Having found the material plane, they founded a church of followers to promote their benevolent ideals and hope to marshal a force to resist Hadar if he should ever locate them again.

From the hometown of Captain China the party proceeded to the White Lotus Kingdom and dropped off a detachment of Militant and Spiritual monks to assist the Port of Opportunity in the encroaching Jiangshi/Kua Toa invasion that the thieves network warned the party about earlier. It appears the Kua Toa have marshaled an army and are moving in full force and out in the open finally.

The party located the cavern with the magical ore. Inside they found a nesting ground of wormlike creatures. The party destroyed the central nest that resided inside the chamber with the ore. This causes the mother creature to erupt from the wall of the cavern and chase the party back to the entrance. Upon exiting the cavern the party decided to turn and fight the creature. They were victorious and boarded the airship just moments before being overwhelmed by the legion of young worm creatures pouring out of the cavern.

We’ll pick up there next session.


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