Big Trouble in DnD China

Episode 7

Parting the Veil

The party returned to the monastery and pondered their next move. Information delivered to Searos from the thieves network indicated that a large army of Jiangshi and Kua-Toa were gathering north of the port of Opportunity. Indications were that a Baa was with the army.

The party learned of the real nature of the Baa. They were not simply undead killing machines. The Baa we constructed to serve as compasses to locate the descendants of the Yellow Emperor. The offspring who could harness the ‘light’ of the country. The first two scion turned out to be Master Pen and Yasuo but the 3rd scion remained a mystery and it was indicated that he or she was in the Port of Opportunity somewhere.

The party narrowed down their choices to two options:

1)Reinforce the city and confront the army approaching Opportunity.

2)Investigate the area in northern China that the celestials of the Silver Flame could not peer into.

They opted to investigate the mysterious area in Northern China. Kiku and Master Pen went to Opportunity to search for the 3rd scion of the Yellow Emperor.

The journey north ended at a large chasm surrounded by high mountain walls. At the top of the walls the party was able to peer down and see the figure of a dragon trapped on an altar by a strange energy field being generated by two crystals atop pillars on either side.

The altar was guarded by flying Jiangshi, some Kua-Toa and a mysterious human figure in all black platemail with a red cape. A battle ensued in which Captain Jack assisted the party. The dragon was freed, the Jiangshi and Kua-Toa defeated by the mysterious figure escaped through a portal to Hadar’s realm.

The dragon turned out to be the Jade Emperor himself. He explained he came to investigate this strange area when he sensed Hadar’s presence. Upon arriving he was trapped by a power that seemed to come from the Yellow Emperor. The only problem was the Yellow Emperor had been dead thousands of years ago. None of this made sense to him but the party returned him to the airship and set off for the monastery to discuss their next move.


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