Big Trouble in DnD China

Episode 8

"You're saying Captain China is WHAT now?!"

The Jade Emperor had many revelations for the party. He was weakened by the powers given to the Yellow Emperor eons ago. The implications of that are unknown. The Baa are compasses seeking out the last of the Scions of the Yellow Emperor. Two are known but the third remained hidden.

Also, Captain China gave the current events in his life some consideration. Ninja were trying to kill him, repeatedly. His master was trying to kill him. The spirits of the afterlife were hoping he’d die horribly. He had a feeling he was missing something…

The party returned to the monastery with the Jade Emperor. They witnessed the completion of Yasuo’s blade. Kim’s master was in the port of Opportunity searching for the 3rd Scion with Kiku. The army of Hadar was quickly approaching.

With little time to spare, Captain China requested the party visit this home town, he needed to speak with someone. Captain China sought out the ghost of his father. Captain China’s father revealed to him that Master Fong had been called to help him during his childhood.

Captain China revealed to the party that he seems to be some type of focus for the spirit world. The spirits of the afterlife are able to perceive the world more clearly when they are near him and almost make themselves tangible. Master Fong told Captain China that he and the other Taoist monks are able to perform a ritual that would allow Captain China to manifest the spirits of the afterlife back into the physical world. It’s a risky undertaking however and could result in his death.

With this knowledge, the party set out for Opportunity to locate the final Scion and rescue him from the forces of Hadar. They arrived at the city, located the final Scion and safely extracted him from the besieged town. Now the party departs on their airship to regroup at the monastery with the allies they’ve gathered for the final confrontation with the forces of Hadar.


DM_Ken DM_Ken

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