Big Trouble in DnD China

Episode 9

With the Queen’s death the Jade Emperor and his daughter awaken along with the Scions. The Jade Emperor focuses on Captain China and the Taoist monks. With him attending them Captain China is no longer required to make Constitution checks to continue the ritual and is able to summon his maximum (12) spirits a turn.

With Captain China’s spirit army full summoned and the awakened Scions you are able to take the fight to the forces of the Kua-Toa and Jiangshi. The courtyard is stabilized and slowly the Jiangshi are pushed back. Each member of the party leads a group of spirit warriors and fox monks down the 6 major causeways of Opportunity meeting again at the main gates.

Jean Claude Van Damme, from the back of the princess, in dragon form, is able to rouse the remaining captured citizens and beleaguered troops to join you. Together you all push outside the city, through the main gates, and capture the enemy army between your forces and the remaining forces of the Red Tiger and Rising Sun kingdoms.

The Kua-Toa are routed and some manage to escape in the ensuing chaos. The Jiangshi fight to the death and are eventually destroyed. The Kua-Toa have returned to China but for now they are broken and fleeing to the wild north once again, their Jiangshi army and the manner to create them in any large number destroyed.

China’s kingdoms have been brought together as a unified force for the first time in a millennium. Where the nation goes from here is anyone’s guess but it’s a promising start.


DM_Ken DM_Ken

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